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Meet the Foodie

Hi, I'm BB - The Foodie & Creator of What's Good on the Menu (WGOTM)! A lover of new experiences, fine dining, fresh food, cooking, and hosting events. This event was birthed in Birmingham, AL in 2018. This event aims to expose young professionals to new places, people, and experiences in the local city. Even if you're not a young professional, this event is still for you.


Come dine with me, be a Foodie, even if you're not.

Japanese Restaurant

Mision & Vision

To have the ultimate Foodie experience - engage with hospitality to ask What's Good on the Menu? Visit local restaurants and bars in the Birmingham area with friends to indulge in great eats, spirits, conversations, and cultures. 

Where everyone is a Foodie and can recommend their experience in real-time.

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